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My name is Stephen and welcome to my blog, The Hottest Coffee. I’m a 37 year old medical professional from Boston, Massachusetts and have been obsessed with and addicted to coffee since I was in high school. I discovered my father’s coffee press when I was probably around 17 years old and ever since then coffee has been one of my primary passions in life.

During my 20s I worked as a barista in several highly respected coffee shops in Boston and the surrounding area and this helped me gain a huge amount of expertise about coffee and I was also lucky enough to experience using a huge array of different coffee makers and machines during this time. Since leaving that trade and pursuing medicine, coffee and the tools used to make it have remained a massive hobby of mine and I have become a collector of all kinds of coffee makers and related gadgets.

As such, I do see myself as somewhat of an authority on the subject. Although I approach everything with the beginner’s mind and still have many things to learn, I decided to start this blog to share my wisdom about coffee makers to hopefully help potential buyers make the right purchase.

Friends and coworkers of mine who know about my hobby (I won’t keep calling it an addiction!) often come to me for advice, tips or comparisons when they want to buy a coffee maker for their home and that’s how I got the idea for this site. I feel like it only makes sense for me to compile all of my knowledge into one place so I can direct them here and hopefully reach out to people from all over who are in a similar position.

If you want to ask me a question personally, or even just wish to chat about coffee with someone who’s definitely interested in listening, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line using my Contact Me page!

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