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Best Single Serve Coffee Maker 2016

Single serve (or single cup) coffee makers have risen in popularity over the recent years largely owing to their convenience and the fact that they can brew almost any kind of coffee quickly and easily. As you probably guessed by the name, they are designed to make one cup of coffee at a time using “pods” – small containers which include the correct amount of coffee for a single cup and also a filter. Read on to find out about the best single serve coffee maker.

People who buy single serve machines usually cite the efficiency and ease-of-use as the reason and it’s easy to see why. Whether you want a regular coffee, a milk-based beverage such as a latte or even other hot drinks such as tea and hot chocolate, all you need to do is insert the right pod and start brewing.

Keurig is the market leader when it comes to single cup coffee makers with their wide variety of “K-Cup” pods which come in almost every flavor and style imaginable. Single serve machines can produce a coffee shop quality drink for a fraction of the price and time, and market trends over the last few years have suggested a shift towards more people buying them than at any other previous time.

Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Picks

Bunn MCU Single-Cup Multi Use Home Brewer

The Bunn MCU Single-Cup machine gives you full control over the brewing process, from the amount of water used to the type of coffee made. Like most single cup brewers, it utilizes pods and also can be used with K-Cups and even ground coffee and loose leaf tea. The 4 loading draws make for high flexibility when it comes to brewing.

It includes a hot water dispenser for other purposes such as instant coffee making, and its removable drip tray means that the machine can accommodate most mug and cup sizes. It is speedy and able to brew in just under a minute, which makes it perfect for those with limited spare time.

The design is quite sleek and compact and is made of stainless steel. There are definitely sturdier single cup machines out there, but that’s not to say the Bunn MCU is on the low end. For the price, I think that this is one of the best value machines available.

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Pro Four separate draws to brew any kind of hot beverage
Pro Pulse brewing feature for enriched flavor
Pro Removable drip tray for use with any cup size
Pro Excellent value for money
Pro Very quick and convenient


Cancel No thermostat


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Keurig K155 Commercial Brewing System

The K155 is in my opinion one of the best Keurig coffee makers. Designed as more of a deluxe product, you will pay a little more for this than some of the other standard single cup makers, but the extra features really do make it worth the money.

The very solid and heavy frame means that it’s highly unlikely to break even after years of consistent use. Each part also feels very reliable and robust.

Virtually everything about the Keurig K155 can be controlled and adjusted – including cup size and water temperature. It has a large 90oz water reservoir which is bigger than most of its competitors and also a full color LCD touch screen interface with wake on and shut off timer.

This brewer is quite large and may not be best suited for small kitchens, but if you have ample space there really is no other reason not to consider purchasing. If you want a commercial grade single cup machine that’s built to last and comes at a fairly reasonable price, this is the one to pick.

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Pro Highly durable with commercial grade parts
Pro Large water reservoir
Pro Removable drip tray for use with any cup size
Pro Best single serve coffee maker flavor
Pro Convenient and easy to use
Pro User friendly, intuitive LCD touch screen


Cancel Can be quite noisy
Cancel Quite large


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Cuisinart SS-10 Premium Single Serve Coffee Maker

The Cuisinart SS-10 is a fully programmable single serve coffee maker that boasts a massive array of features including an adjustable temperature control, 5 different cup sizes and a very impressive rinse feature which cleans out the inside of the brew chamber for your convenience.

It is K-Cup compatible and also has a basket so you can brew your own coffee grinds. It is one of the fastest single cup coffee makers on the market, with instant brewing functionality so you don’t have to wait for the water to heat up. The hot water dispenser means that you can also use the SS-10 for other drinks like tea and instant coffee.

One drawback is that it’s not as sturdy as I would like – many parts are made of plastic and don’t feel like they’re that high quality.

There is an auto on and off feature included which shuts off after each brew, and the machine can also be programmed to be turned off after a specific time, or on an interval.


Pro Heats up and brews instantly
Pro Quiet and unobtrusive
Pro Works with K-Cups, other pods and grounds
Pro Dispenses hot water
Pro Simple cleaning process


Cancel Made from plastic and not the most durable
Cancel Some parts feel a little cheap


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Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System

The second Keurig model on this list, the K45 is smaller and more affordable than the aforementioned K155. This is the best selling Keurig coffee maker and features an impressive and intuitive design to make it as user-friendly as possible. Even a beginner can easily master this machine in a matter of hours.

The 48oz water reservoir is large enough to brew several cups before you need to refill, and includes three different brew sizes (6, 8 and 10oz.) This model comes with a carbon filter system which purifies the water for greatest taste and also has the standard removable drip tray for using travel mugs and other larger cups.

The K45 is definitely the best single serve coffee maker you can get for under $100 and without commercial quality. Compared to the K155, there are a few less features and is definitely a little smaller and less sturdy but this comes at the benefit of a reduced cost.


Pro Easy to use and convenient
Pro Impressive carbon filter system
Pro Compatible with all brands of K-Cup
Pro Heats up very quickly
Pro Pretty sizable water tank


Cancel No brew strength option
Cancel Needs regular cleaning and maintenance


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Hamilton Beach 49980Z Single Serve 2-Way Brewer

The beauty of the Hamilton Beach 49980Z is that it comes with the option to brew both single serve and full pot coffee. It is very versatile and accommodating for if you want just a quick cup of coffee or would rather brew a full 12-cup pot.

It works with both pods and ground coffee and is very easy to set up, making it beginner friendly. Two separate water reservoirs are included for the both the single cup side and the carafe, and this dual purpose coffee maker is essentially two machines in one controlled by a common control panel.

For anybody who was on the fence on whether to purchase a drip coffee maker or a single serve machine, I would highly recommend this as it incorporates both into a wonderful machine that doesn’t skimp on either.



Pro Offers both single serve and 12-cup
Pro Can use soft coffee pods or fresh grounds
Pro Adjustable brew strength function
Pro Fits most cup sizes
Pro Fully programmable control panel and display
Pro Best single serve coffee maker / drip coffee maker combo


Cancel Can’t use K-Cups
Cancel Not a dedicated single serve machine


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If you’re willing to splash out, there’s no home single serve coffee maker I could recommend higher than the Keurig K155. This is the best single serve coffee maker I know of that is quality and affordable. It is extremely long-lasting and you can be quite sure there won’t be any need for bi-yearly replacements as has been the complaint with some Keurig models (and other single serve machines.) If that’s out of your price range however, the Bunn MCU is probably your best option.

When buying a single serve it’s always good to consider the durability as some of them have very delicate parts which are quite susceptible to breaking and it actually works out less cost effective in the end if you go for a cheap machine and have to either pay for repairs or even buy a whole new machine outright over the years.

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