Bunn MCU Review

Bunn MCU Review

Bunn MCU ReviewThe Bunn MCU “My Café” is by far the most versatile single serve coffee maker I have ever used. The standout feature is the smart design which features four different loading drawers each for a different beverage and means you can brew virtually any hot drink with incredible simplicity.

Using this coffee maker really couldn’t be easier. You simply pour water into the vent on the top of the machine, load it with one of the four aforementioned drawers and hit the brew button. It takes about just under a minute to heat up the water and then evenly distributes it into the cup.


Bunn MCU ReviewAesthetically, the design is also quite simple and minimalistic. It’s made of stainless steel with some plastic parts and whilst it isn’t the most robust design I’ve ever seen on a single serve maker, it is reasonably sturdy and doesn’t feel weak or compromising at all unlike some other coffee makers I’ve used which utilize plastic parts. It’s not flashy, and it has no fancy LCD display but it does have a certain charm to it.

Rather than focusing on a product which looks elegant, Bunn have brought exquisite functionality to the forefront of this coffee maker. As I mentioned in the introduction, my favorite thing about this model are the four removable loading drawers. It has one for fresh coffee grounds, one for tea bags or soft coffee pods, one for Keurig K-Cups and finally a drawer simply to dispense hot water. This makes the Bunn MCU the most flexible single serve coffee maker you can get for this price.



Like the design, the interface is also very minimalist. There are only two buttons on the Bunn MCU, a brew button which you press to start the brewing process and underneath that is a pulse button which brews the coffee in small bursts or “pulses”. This is to allow for a slightly longer brewing time and provides an enhanced flavor for those who like their coffee a little stronger.

The coffee maker has one light on the interface which will change to indicate various things. When you plug the machine in, it will turn itself on and the light will change from red to green when it’s ready to brew. Sometimes the light will flash green or red depending on certain things such as whether the machine needs water or if it needs to reheat. If you buy a Bunn MCU I would highy suggest reading the user manual as there are a few things you should learn which aren’t entirely intuitive.


Bunn MCU ReviewSome have complained about the fact that the Bunn MCU does not feature a large water reservoir like some of its Keurig counterparts – instead, you simply pour water as required into the vent on the top of the machine before brewing. Personally, I am a fan of this feature. It means that I can use the freshest water and pour the exact amount I want, when I want it. I also find that it offers a greater level of control over the brew strength as you can simply add more or less water each time according to taste.

One downside to the Bunn MCU is the fact that there is no temperature regulation meaning that the coffee is brewed at the same scorching hot temperature every time. Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that it’s also a little noisier than some other single serve coffee makers I’ve had experience, but I wouldn’t say it’s noisy enough for it to be a major problem.

When it comes to cleaning the machine, the Bunn MCU is quite convenient and fuss free. The detachable drawers are easily rinsed off after each use and along with the removable drip tray are dishwasher safe. The machine itself ends each brewing cycle with pulse which helps with pushing the water through and clearing the pipe to prevent clogging and also reduce drip.


Overall, the Bunn MCU offers a very simple and minimalist take on the single serve coffee maker. The ease of use and the fact that it’s so versatile are it’s finest points. For somebody looking for an affordable single cup machine of excellent quality you really can’t go wrong with this model. It has been consistently rated very highly in various independent taste tests and I have to agree that it produces a very impressive flavor, more so than its Keurig counterparts in the same price range. I appreciate the pulse brew function and often use it for a richer and more full bodied coffee.

Key Features

Pro Removable loading drawers make brewing any hot drink exceptionally easy
Pro Pulse feature for enriched flavor
Pro Excellent value for money – in my opinion the best single cup maker in this price range
Pro Consistently rated high in independent taste tests
Pro Easy to clean
Pro Impressive fast brewing time – brews in just under a minute

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