Frieling French Press Review

Frieling Double Wall French Press Review

Frieling French Press Review

The Frieling Double Wall French Press is a stainless steel press with a mirror finished exterior and is arguably the best French press money can buy. It is not only beautiful and rustic, but also built to be virtually bullet proof and as far as coffee presses go which can often be quite fragile, this is one of the longest lasting you’ll find anywhere.

If the beauty and the durability wasn’t enough, the double wall insulation also means that the coffee will be kept hot for up to 4 times as long as a glass press – although not as well-insulated as a thermos or other thermal carafe, it’s the best you can find on a coffee press. If you’re wanting to keep the coffee hot for extended amounts of time, it’s still advisable to transfer the coffee to a thermal flask or similar. However, the insulation on this press means that there is no urgency to do so and performs leaps and bounds better than a glass French press.

All parts are stainless steel, meaning that there are absolutely no easily breakable parts to this press. They all disassemble painlessly and are all dishwasher safe for optimal ease of cleaning after usage. As I said, it is virtually bullet proof and I can personally attest to this – I have owned this press for around 10 years now and have never had a single problem with it to this day.

Frieling French Press Review

The full length handle features a comfortable, ergonomic design and feels perfectly stable in your hand. The press feels really balanced when pouring and makes for very little risk of accidental spillages.

It uses a 2 stage filter system which includes both a pre-filter and a very fine mesh filter which is the best I’ve used on a French press. This means minimal sediment in the coffee and maximum taste, infused with all of the coffee’s essential oils and compounds which produce a delicious rich flavor. Another thing worth mentioning about the filter is that the screen has a really smooth edge. Other presses can often have rough edges which can be an irritant if you wash by hand like I do. The smoothness on this press is a really small but appreciated feature.

The plunger, like the rest of the press is also 100% stainless steel and whilst a little more pressure needs to be exerted when compared to some presses, this is a small price to pay for the added reliability and sturdiness. Owing to the double wall, plunging remains consistent and well aligned even if the outer wall suffers a minor dent or ding.


This is definitely my highest recommended French press of all time. It’s hard to argue against it when it’s been producing a great tasting cup of coffee for myself and my family since 2005 with absolutely no problems and no hassle. It still works today like it did when I first bought it. Whilst you’ll probably pay more for this French press than some of the others on the market, and it might be tempting to go for a cheaper option, when you consider the chance of breakages and the like there’s still a very high chance that this Frieling model will work out the most cost effective option.

One last thing to note, this press comes in 5 different sizes, from 8oz up to 44oz which means that there’s a product for everyone no matter how much coffee you drink.

Key Features

Pro Double wall for greater heat retention (up to 4 times more than a glass French press)
Pro Best French press for durability and longest lasting
Pro Easy to disassemble and clean
Pro Great filtration to minimize sediment


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