Keurig K155 Review

Keurig K155 Review

The Keurig K155 single serve coffee maker is one of the best Keurig models you’ll find at an affordable price. Advertised as a “commercial brewing system”, this product is extremely versatile and suitable for either home, office or commercial use. Better yet, you won’t have to break the bank for it as is the case with most commercial standard brewers.


Keurig K155 Best Single Serve Coffee MakerIt is solid, heavy and extremely durable. Designed to withstand commercial use (and abuse!) it is perfect for those who like Keurig coffee makers but feel like they make coffee too frequently for some of the other models to cope with. It features a nice full color LCD touch screen on the front which displays the water level of the massive 90oz water reservoir.

The design of the K155 is less compact than other Keurig coffee machines that are designed exclusively for home use. This one feels a lot more heavy duty and is large for a single serve maker, so if you have a small kitchen or have limited space you’ll probably want to check the dimensions and make sure it will fit before buying.


You have full control over virtually every aspect of the coffee brewing process when you use the Keurig K155. Brewing temperature can be easily adjusted, it is fully programmable with auto on/off capabilities and features 4 cup sizes: 4, 6, 8 and 10oz. It also comes with the standard removable drip tray for brewing with taller mugs. It’s worth mentioning that the distance between the brewer and the drip tray is quite far and some splash back occurs from time to time, but not necessarily any more than your standard Keurig single serve.

Using this coffee maker is very simple and intuitive thanks to the LCD touch screen. You insert a K-Cup into the holder, select the brew size using the screen and then hit brew.



Keurig K155 ReviewBrewing time is very fast, heating up in under a minute at just the touch of a button. Another benefit is that it’s quite a quiet model – some users have complained about the Keurig office/commercial brewers being too loud at times but this definitely isn’t a problem with the K155. (Although you’ll still find it’s slightly louder than smaller models designed exclusively for home.)

A major complaint with home single serve coffee makers is the fact that the water often doesn’t brew hot enough to many peoples’ liking. This isn’t a problem with the Keurig K155 as water is delivered piping hot every time. It delivers a consistent hot water temperature able to brew coffee with a little crema on top, and outperforms Keurig’s home single serve coffee makers by quite a wide margin.


If you have owned Keurig single serve coffee makers in the past but have been put off by things such as low water temperature or lack of durability, the K155 could be the answer to your woes. This coffee maker outperforms any Keurig I’ve used which was designed specifically for home use, and while it comes at a slightly higher price, it remains affordable.

If you maintain and clean this system in a proper manner, it will serve you a very long time. Don’t forget, as well as being for home usage the K155 is also designed as a commercial grade system and is built to last even in office environments in which it likely suffers a lot more strain than you could put on it in a household.

Key Features

Pro Fully programmable with auto on/off function
Pro Full color LCD touch screen interface
Pro Adjustable temperature
Pro Large and durable, designed to withstand commercial use
Pro Massive 90oz water reservoir

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